Clarity Shield XL

Clarity Shield XL

Clarity Shield XL is a lightweight, portable protector for lecturers and anywhere extra protection is needed between standing teachers, students, customers or employees. Transparent vinyl framed with aluminum, easily moved to wherever it is needed. Frame assembles easily with just a rubber mallet; surface attaches with snaps.

Overall size: 72.5” tall by 30” wide
Vinyl size: 52” tall x 30” wide
Feet and legs: 20.5″ tall x 25.3″ deep

Clarity Shield products can be easily cleaned using common cleaning products and should be used in conjunction with other accepted protocols for preventing the spread of airborne illness, such as wearing face masks, washing hands, and social distancing.

Part Number: CSXL
MSRP: $450

How to Order

To order, contact your Draper sales representative. You can find the contact information for your sales representative on our Contact Us page.

Volume discounts are available – ask your sales rep for a quote.


Clarity Shield Brochure (PDF)

Setup Instructions (PDF)